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What Exactly Is Our Establishment All About?

The Possibilities Are Endless! No Contact - Toy Shows, Fetishes, Fantasies, & Special Request. We are solely for your viewing entertainment.


Please understand our services are truly unique, we are the only legal establishment in the state of Maine like us, and we understand that because of this what we truly offer can be confusing at first. 

So... we are not a full service establishment. we do not provide illegal services, and such request will be denied, and such requests being denied are not considered a valid reason for a refund.

We are not a strip club (no alcohol, crowds or public nudity). we are not an escort service, nor do we provide any outcall services. nor are we a cheap thrill.  we are not a massage parlor, and we are not licensed massage therapist, we do not provide therapeutic or massage services.

we understand this may not be for everyone, so please take this into consideration before your visit and please feel free to reach out and call us with any questions!

we do however provide you with a  relaxing, private, safe and legal escape.

Topless/Nude sessions and private rooms for a more personal, relaxing, and intimate setting. Professional Classy and High End Live One on One Female Adult Entertainment, this will consist of an sensual, relaxing start to your sessions to help you unwind, followed by an erotic show performed by your lady for your viewing pleasure. we also cater to fetishes, fantasies, and other more refined erotic special request within reason, (without full contact or any form of penetration, strictly for your viewing pleasures and limited interaction.) think of your lady as a live, interactive centerfold, a 3D model with voice option, and a customize-able adult experience, hahaha.

Each of our Ladies brings something unique to the table, all sessions have the same structure, but shows, personalities, and body types will vary from lady to lady. That specific variety is the best part, we truly have a little something for everyone!

Please, don't be shy, feel free to reach out before visiting to find out if we have an Entertainer to your specific taste. We pride ourselves on providing you with your personal best experience. One size does not fit all.

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